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EA has already shared some of FIFA 20's gameplay improvements

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написал 10.06.2019 в 04:29:20

FIFA 19 offered so much, but gave very little. The addition of the UEFA Champions League and new fun kick-off modes got fans excited, but the gameplay of what was meant to be the best ever FIFA game let the entire show down. It was back to the drawing board for EA Sports, but a year has passed and E3, and EA Play in particular, provides the platform to get the first look at FIFA 20.

At E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, other games will be on show of course, with the event taking place from Tuesday, 11 to Friday 14, June in Los Angeles. From a FIFA point of view, you can imagine fans and EA bosses will cast an eye to see what PES 2020’s response is, with the Konami title smelling blood after a difficult year for their biggest rival.

FIFA 20 hasn’t officially been announced yet but that hasn’t stopped EA Sports from announcing several gameplay changes in a detailed blog post. Called ‘Gameplay beyond FIFA 19,’ the post doesn’t officially say what the changes are for, they do say the changes are for the “next iteration.” Buy Cheap <strong>FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Coins</strong> from Mmocs.com,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

Even though this year's game hasn't been revealed, developer EA has already shared some of FIFA 20's gameplay improvements. Top of the list is AI defending, with a larger emphasis and incentive placed on manual defending, as opposed to letting the computer defend for you. One of the ways EA plans to do this is by increasing the likelihood a manual tackle will propel the ball to a teammate. Automatic defending will see its overall efficacy reduced and reaction times slowed.

Shooting is also being revamped, with attackers given greater accuracy during easy shooting scenarios, such as being clean through against the 'keeper. Goalkeepers' reaction times will be reduced in these situations to resolve the sometimes "superhuman" reactions players complained of. Additionally, the timing window for green timed shots is being reduced to two frames for all shots, and they'll also be "slightly less precise." EA did, however, reassure players that green timed shots will "still be more accurate than non-timed shots."


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